Explaining How Property Tax Works

Gainesville, TX-- Recently, Notices of Appraised Values were mailed out to millions of Texas homeowners, and just like years before, these millions of Texans will pay their property taxes. The property tax is the single-largest tax in Texas and in 2015 represented almost 48 percent of all taxes imposed by state and local taxing units (Texas Comptroller). The services that are typically funded by property taxes include public education, public safety, transportation, libraries, and parks.

The Texas Constitution establishes that all property taxes are local. Consequently, the Governor and the Legislature cannot levy a property tax, lower local property tax rates, nor can they appraise a property. "Sometimes citizens believe the State sets their property tax and this is just not true," said Rep. Springer. The property tax system can be confusing, and many individuals and organizations have written complicated and confusing booklets in an effort to explain the system and all its various steps.

"I wanted to create a way to inform citizens on how the property tax system works in a form that could be understood by everyone. I had my office create a simple flowchart that walks through the entire process in eight easy steps," explained Rep. Springer. "I hope the citizens of HD 68 find the flowchart helpful and, of course, always feel free contact my office if they have questions." Tax experts have reviewed the chart and verified its accuracy. Rep. Springer encourages any constituents of HD 68 with questions or concerns about this issue or other state-related matters, to contact him directly at District68.Springer@house.texas.gov.

Click here to access the property tax flowchart