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Texas House District 68


Springer strives to promote rural values, protect Texas liberties and fix local issues that inhibit success!

Texas House Member Drew Springer is the State Representative for HD 68. Drew is Christian and a lifelong conservative who fights to preserve rural values, promote economic development, and undue regulations that inhibit rural Texas. Drew is a firm believer that life begins at conception and supports measures to limit or eliminate abortion. A staunch supporter of the Second Amendment, Springer fights to decrease the limitations that restrict law-abiding gun owners from protecting themselves and their loved ones.

Drew graduated from the University of North Texas with a Bachelor's degree in accounting. He spent fifteen years working for a railcar company as an accountant, and eventually as president overseeing three divisions. He left to join his father’s financial services business where Drew has specialized in agricultural managed futures for the last decade. Drew and his wife of 26 years, Lydia, reside in Cooke County where they raise their three children.


Drew Springer for Texas
P.O. Box 6
Muenster, Texas, 76252

Email: info@votedrewspringer.com

District Office:
Cabie Lamb
District Director
406 E California Street
Gainesville, Texas

Capitol Office:
Jonathan Mathers
Chief of Staff
P.O. Box 2910
Austin, Texas


JOBS AND THE ECONOMY – In the Texas House, I have fought for continued reductions in taxes to make our state a more attractive place to do business. While we have reduced the franchise tax, there is still much work to be done, and I will continue to fight to see that Texas businesses have the freedom to grow, prosper, and create new jobs. Through my position on the Interim Committee for Economic Development, I have fought to revamp our state's incentive packages, eliminate inefficiencies in the system, and ensure that rural Texas has a voice at the table.   

ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION – If the federal government won’t do its job and secure our border, it is essential that the states take action. Last session, I was proud to co-sponsor and help pass the toughest anti-sanctuary cities legislation in the nation. I will continue to oppose amnesty, fight to secure our borders, and push for legislation to stop all handouts and benefits for illegal immigrants. Every dollar spent on benefits for illegals takes a dollar away from educating children in our classrooms. 

PUBLIC EDUCATION – One size does not fit all, Texas students and parents need more choice in curriculum. Forcing all students into college prep classes has failed many of our kids and has limited our output of high-salaried, skilled workers in technical positions. Texas needs an increased focus on vocational education and life skills in high school. I was proud to help pass HB 5 (2013) that implemented career and technology courses into the curriculum while reducing standardized testing. 

I will continue to work to see that our rural kids have the same opportunities of those in urban areas. I have worked diligently to ensure that proper broadband is available to rural school districts, and I continue to fight to eliminate penalties in our school finance system that harm rural schools. 

REDUCING PROPERTY TAXES – Property taxes have become burdensome and unfair for all Texans. It is wrong that anyone, especially retirees, have to rent their house from the government. We need to reduce or eliminate property taxes and look for alternative forms of revenue, such as a consumption tax.

10TH AMENDMENT – For far too long, the federal government has forced burdensome taxes and regulations on the states. I have fought to keep ObamaCare out of Texas, and I continue to work to return Medicaid funding in block grants to the state. It is time to reign in out-of-control federal agencies that allow unelected bureaucrats to put in place policies that kill jobs and harm our economy. It is time to take a stand for the Constitution and states’ rights! 

2ND AMENDMENT – I have consistently received top ratings from the NRA and TSRA because I am committed to protecting our right to bear arms. Since entering office, we have reduced and eliminated regulations on the use and ownership of firearms, including passing legislation to allow for open carry and campus carry. Every session I have authored and passed several 2nd Amendment bills including changing the classification of suppressors in Texas, reducing stringent finger-printing requirements, and removing the penalties for forgetful CHL holders at airports. 

RIGHT TO LIFE – We have an obligation to protect the sanctity of life. I have been proud to help pass key pro-life legislation, including bills banning the practice of dismemberment abortions, requiring that abortion complications be reported, and prohibiting abortions after 20 weeks. Being pro-life does not end at birth, I was honored to author and pass legislation to ensure that physicians were not allowed to withhold food and water for patients at the end-of-life. I have fought and will continue to fight to prohibit abortion facilities, such as Planned Parenthood, from receiving your taxpayer dollars.



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Proud to hold an A+ Rating with the National Rifle Association and the Texas State Rifle Association. Additionally, it is an honor to be a named a Defender of Life by Texas Alliance for Life, as well as a Courageous Conservative by the Texas Conservative Coalition.”