Austin, TX-- This week, Governor Abbott officially recognized Rep. Drew Springer to re-introduce his legislation in the special session to prohibit local and state governments from providing taxpayer funds to abortion providers. This legislation, originally filed in the regular 85th Session as HB 1936, closes the local loophole indefinitely and will prevent cities and the state from funding any organizations that perform abortion services with taxpayer dollars. 

State funding for abortion providers was voluntarily withdrawn from the state budget in 2013, however, there is no legal boundary to prevent local governmental entities from contributing to abortion services in the future. Currently, cities such as Austin purchase or build multi-million dollar buildings with taxpayer money then lease them out at little to no cost to organizations such as Planned Parenthood

"We have a responsibility to defend the lives of those that cannot speak for themselves," said Rep. Springer. "Removing taxpayer dollars from abortion providers is a major step in ensuring that we can protect the sanctity of life and end abortion practices once and for all. I am proud to take the lead on this issue in the Texas House."

This bill is a critical component of Governor's Abbott's LIFE Initiative and is 1 of only 20 items listed by the governor for the special session. Sen. Charles Schwertner will sponsor this bill in the Texas Senate.

Rep. Springer encourages anyone with questions or concerns about this bill to contact him directly at